Register your Company as a PHA Vendor

  • I have a PHA account

    If you already have a PHA user account, and you want this account to be attached to your current Vendor registration profile please:
  • I do not have a PHA account

    If you want to register your Company as a PHA Vendor and create PHA accounts for your company representatives, please:
    Register and create accounts

My company is already registered as PHA Vendor

If your Company is already registered as a PHA Vendor and you are seeking approval for the current year, you should login and go to your 'Vendor profile' page.

My Company applied for a PHA Vendor but there is still no response about the progress

If you have already submitted an online registration request for your company, but you have not received a response from the PHA Administrator, please do not hesitate to contact us.

My company is a manufacturer or is not established in the Bahamas

If you are a manufacturer or a non-Bahamas company, you are still eligible to submit bids in response to PHA tenders, but only on behalf of an approved PHA Vendor. To do this, you will need to register your company as a PHA Manufacturer on this page.
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