SRC Annual Push-a-thon

09 February none

(Tuesday 9th February, 2016)

SRC PushaThon Encourages Seniors and Others to Stay Active

 On Saturday, 23rd April, 2016 the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre will host its 5th Annual Geriatric Pushathon which will involve seniors and staff from the Geriatric Hospital as well as interested members of the public.

The SRC Pushathon was introduced in 2012, by Dr. Indira Grimes (consultant Geriatric Hospital) who believes the initiative demonstrates the Geriatric Hospital’s serious approach to providing holistic care for the elderly residents as well as the elderly in the community.   Many families of older persons as well as the older persons themselves do not realize that even for the aged physical activity is vital to sustain long quality life.  The Pushathon is an ingenious way of encouraging mobility of those 60 years and older through a fun and dynamic annual activity that will hopefully inspire increased physical activity all year round. 

The general public’s support is needed to encourage, assist and in some cases accompany the older persons during the activity.  Interested persons should contact the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre at 364-9600 to register as a participant or volunteer for this exciting event.


Left to Right:           Ruth Ferguson, Ferguson, Bronell Albury, Susiemae Dorsett, Carolyn Barr, Leslie Brown.

Centre Front:  Brenda Grant



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