PMH Activates Virtual Ward to Receive Medical Evacuees from Abaco

Press Release
For Immediate Release
(Tuesday September 3, 2019)



PMH Activates Virtual Ward to Receive Medical Evacuees from Abaco 

The Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) has activated virtual wards as part of its Mass Casualty and Natural Disaster Plan. 

As of 2pm Tuesday September 3rd, 2019, twenty-four (24) persons were received by the Emergency Department from Abaco.  Eleven (11) persons including three (3) children have been admitted to hospital.  The others have been treated and discharged or are awaiting discharge from the Emergency Department.

The virtual ward is a mechanism for providing access to care for patients.  It is comprised of the systems and staffing of a hospital ward, in the absence of a dedicated hospital ward space.

Persons seeking information regarding medical evacuees at the hospital should contact the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA).  The Princess Margaret Hospital will only provide patient information to persons presenting themselves at the hospital with proof of next of kin status.





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