PHA Phased Service Reactivation & Visitation Schedule




For Immediate Release

Monday, 22 June 2020



PHA Phased Service Reactivation & Visitation Schedule 

The following measures remain in effect to minimize person-to-person contact and increase the safety of patients, staff, and the public.


Access to the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH)

  • Patients and visitors must enter the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) through the new Critical Care Block Entrance.
  • All Maternity-Day cases must enter via the Emergency or Maternity Entrance.
  • Only Dialysis patients will be permitted to use the Medical Block Entrance for access to the Dialysis Unit.   
  • PMH employees and credentialed providers are required to access the hospital via the Legacy Entrance at Burnside Lane or the Critical Care Block Entrance ONLY.    
  • Employees are always required to wear their ID badge , or they will be denied access at the Legacy Entrance.


PMH Emergency Department & Ambulance Services

The public is advised that ONLY Emergency Cases will be managed during this period. Additionally, the public is asked to only use Ambulance Services for emergencies. The public should contact their personal physicians for non-emergencies during the day, and Accident & Emergency after hours.

New Appointment Scheduling System

Effective immediately, all outpatient clinics will operate under an appointment system to ensure adherence to social distancing requirements and maintaining appropriate infection prevention practices.  The public is asked to support these initiatives, specifically via the provision of updated contact information to ensure that appointments are made and follow up conducted in a timely manner. 


Outpatient Clinic Services/PMH & Grand Bahama Health Services

Outpatient and Specialty Clinics at the Princess Margaret Hospital and at the Eye Care Center, Oncology and Agape Clinics, and Outpatient Rehabilitation Services are operational.  Patients must present no earlier than thirty (30) minutes prior to their appointment to complete their registration.  Patients with referrals or without appointments are required to contact the following numbers or emails to obtain an appointment:


Princess Margaret Hospital Specialty Clinics & Outpatient Services:-  (242) 808-9972 or email                                                                             – 

Eye Care Center:-  (242) 393-1445 to 7; (242) 393-1458 

After hours/Weekend Emergencies: (242) 825-3679 

Rehabilitation Services:-  (242)  356-4447; 326-8740; 376-2820

Agape Family Medicine Clinic:-  (242) 322-2125

As of Monday June 22, 2020, specialty clinics at Grand Bahama Health Services will resume at the Freeport Community Clinic and Pearce Plaza locations. Patients requiring an appointment are asked to call the Freeport Community Clinic at 350-6760, Ext. 2032 or Pearce Plaza at 829-9737.

Dental Clinic will continue at Hawksbill Community Clinic for emergencies only until further notice

As of Monday, June 22 the following outpatient services at the Sandilands Rehabilitation Center location will reopen:

  • § Dental Clinic
  • § Physiotherapy

The Community Counseling and Assessment Centre (CCAC) located on Collins Avenue remains operational.  The Female Adult Psychiatric Clinic previously located in the Princess Margaret Hospital’s Paediatric Corridor will continue to be accommodated at Elizabeth Estates and / or CCAC.  Patients shall be contacted to schedule appointments shortly.



Recognizing that asymptomatic individuals often appear healthy, hospital visitation is strongly discouraged for the health and safety of all.  Hospital visitation remains suspended due to COVID – 19.  Exceptions may be made based upon the condition of the patient and the approval of the attending physician. 

If you must visit, please be reminded that the following schedule will become effective on July 1, 2020.


Princess Margaret Hospital

Patients will be allowed ONE (1) visitor per day.  Visitors are restricted to immediate family and must be on a pre-approved list. 

All Ward visitation will be permitted once per day between the hours of 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. daily.

Intensive Care and Neonatal Intensive Care Units visitation will be permitted once per day between 10:30 a.m. and 11:30 p.m. daily. 

Visitation in the Accident & Emergency (A & E) Department is restricted to one person only.  Social distancing requirements restrict the number of relatives to one (1) accompanying individual. 


Grand Bahama Health Services 

Persons requiring information regarding their relatives or wishing to visit their relatives are asked to call the following numbers before proceeding to the health care facility: 

  • For Obstetrics (Maternity) and Paediatrics Wards, call the Sunrise Medical Centre at 373-3333
  • For Medical and Surgical Wards, call the Cancer Association at 352-2873
  • For Diah (Psychiatric) Ward, call the Rand Memorial Hospital at 350-6700 Ext. 2101
  • For Accident/Emergency & Urgent Care Centre and Intensive Care Unit, call the Rand Memorial Hospital at 350-6700 Ext. 2151.

Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre 

Visitation at the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre and Geriatric Hospital is allowed by immediate family only, one (1) visitor per patient, as per standard hours of visitation. Please be advised that only essential items / packages will be accepted from visitors.

Visitors are required to wear face masks, utilize hand hygiene stations, and complete a brief Q&A/declaration interview. Persons presenting with fever or exhibiting flu-like symptoms will be denied entry for visitation. It is anticipated that screening measures employed will cause some delay at the points of entry.

General Policies 

  • Children under the age 14 are not permitted to visit unless they require medical care.
  • Do not leave children unattended on the outside of the hospital.
  • Parents/guardian will be held accountable for damage by children to the hospital, furniture or equipment.
  • Visitors may bring only approved essential personal items (clothing & toiletries) for the patient 
  • Visitors are prohibited from bringing food and drinks; valuables; televisions, fans or other electrical devices; medications and medical supplies; as well as household items such floor rugs.   

Members of the public are asked to utilize the following COVID 19 Hotline phone numbers for COVID related information.

New Providence:  376-9350 / 376-9387

Grand Bahama Numbers:

  • 8a.m. – 8 p.m. 727-0140 / 815-1667
  • 8 p.m. – 8a.m. 727-0401/ 806-3550

The public is encouraged to continue required hygiene practices, including handwashing for 20 seconds, use of hand sanitizer with an alcohol content of 60% or more after touching surfaces, door handles, and other objects.  Disinfect your phones, counters, and bathrooms regularly.  We also encourage you to practice social distancing, self-isolation if you experience flu-like symptoms and fever and avoiding gatherings. 

The PHA thanks the public for their continued support during this time. Further announcements and updates on hospital services will be disseminated as it becomes necessary.