Continuing in Clinical Excellence: Graduation Exercises for Renal Nurses and Master Mentors

14 August

The Public Hospitals Authority continues on the path to excellence in the delivery of Quality Care carving out an unprecedented path in the history of The Bahamas. Today 22 Renal Nurses and 47 Mentors are graduating under the theme “Continuing in Clinical Excellence”.

In only 12 years of existence, directed by the PHA, Pillars of Performance: Clinical Quality and Patient Safety, People, Service, Growth, Community Relations and Prudent fiscal Performance, elevation of the standard of Renal Care in the Bahamas and Mentoring in Nursing are now being realized.  In addition, this is the first time in the history of the Bahamas and also the history of nursing that nurses have  the aware some  opportunity to  complete  programs of  Renal Nursing for Registered Nurses   and a Mentorship Master class Programme  both  Accredited by the Royal College of Nursing a noted  International  Nursing Organization, located in the United Kingdom.

For the Bahamas Renal Nurse Training is timely as it is well known that the leading cause of death and ill health are Hypertension and  Diabetes, Chronic Diseases,  which if not vigorously prevented  and  without treatment and management can lead to end stage Renal Disease needing  Dialysis. 

 Recognizing that Excellence is a journey, the PHA has invested in Education and Training of nurses in Renal Nursing and Mentoring. It is well known and scientifically proven that mentoring yields great dividends.  Pushing the barriers of deficit in Renal Nursing Training and Mentoring have increased the PHAs capacity to provide the delivery of high Quality Nursing Care to clients and their families at all stages of Chronic Kidney Diseases.  In addition, these graduates here today have gained nursing skills in prevention, early detection and management of existing Kidney Conditions and Disease. In addition, through establishing training in Master Mentorship in the PHA nurses are now more motivated and empower to perform at the level of excellence.  

There are to date 40 Registered Nurses having completed the Renal Nursing Programme representing PMH, GBHS, SRC and Department of Public Health.  It is envisage that approximately an additionally 20 RNs will complete this programme in support of the future plan for expansion of Renal Dialysis into the Community Clinics.

The Graduation Ceremony is evidence of the advancement of the vision of present day Leadership in Nursing and Leaders in the PHA through the relationship with the Royal College of Nursing. This relationship has propelled and supported the need and the capability of the PHA to educate and train Nurse Specialist, in internationally accredited programs, putting nursing and health care at the level of excellence.

 The Renal Programme has improve the level of confidence in the nursing  delivering care, answering the questions of clients; providing personal patient specific education on their condition and care; and has ignited a more positive caring attitude in nurses delivering care.  These nurses are more equipped to manage the whole patient, inclusive of the family, providing comprehensive care which results in “Better patient come”.

Renal Nurses are now attending Pre Renal Clinics in Chronic Disease Clinics where they are able to provide counseling in prevention and delay of end stage renal diseases discuss various treatment modalities and provide extensive prevention education to patients at risk for renal illness and the general public on the health of their kidneys.

Further, espousal of research findings on Mentorship in Nursing, nursing in the PHA embarked on an innovative, deliberate and focused, strategy to ensure that all nurses in leadership position complete the Mentorship Masterclass.  It is believed that the Public Hospitals Authority is the only institution in The Bahama and the Region to have more than 88% of its Nursing Leadership successfully complete an Internationally Accredited Masterclass Mentorship Programme. This innovation has strengthened Nursing Leadership's knowledge and skills and the capacity of the PHA to establish a Nursing Mentoring Programme and additionally the development of Mentoring Programms for other staff. The PHA now have Nursing  Mentors,  through  the institutions of SRC,  PMH and GBHS,   who  focus directly on learners  and qualified staff to ensure high level of competency for  improving the quality of patient care and serve for succession planning.


Willamae T. Hamilton - Stuart
Nursing Services Advisor
Public Hospitals Authority