Grand Bahama Health Services

The Community Health Services in Grand Bahama, together with the Rand Memorial Hospital, form a Local Health System, which is called the Grand Bahama Health System. The Rand Memorial Hospital, located in Freeport, Grand Bahama, was originally opened in 1969 as a private facility known as the Grand Bahama Clinic. This facility became a public hospital in 1971.

The hospital has a staff complement of 696 and a bed complement of 85. Rand Memorial Hospital also serves as a community clinic for the Freeport area. The Executive Management Committee comprises the Administrator, Medical Chief of Staff, Principal Nursing Officer and Financial Controller.

Grand Bahama’s complex epidemiological profile is a challenge for the health system. Concerns include the co-existence of conditions such as cardiovascular diseases (hypertension and ischemic heart diseases); communicable diseases (HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted infections, acute respiratory infections); malignant neoplasms (breast and prostate cancers); injury and violence (road traffic accidents, homicides, child abuse and domestic violence); drug and alcohol abuse; teenage pregnancy and abortion.

The main activities of the Grand Bahama Health Services are directed at the strengthening of its management structure, health social services, its other community-based services and Emergency Medical Services.