Capital Development

The Capital Development Unit (CDU) is a Center of Excellence for the healthcare built environment of the Public Hospitals Authority (PHA). This Unit provides advice, guidance, technical support, design, development and construction to all major Capital Infrastructure Projects. These services are inclusive of Healthcare Planning, Architectural, Engineering and Construction. Additionally, the CDU has a Corporate Building & Maintenance team comprised of Masons, Carpenters, Electricians and helpers who provide construction and maintenance services throughout the PHA.

All projects classified as Capital (i.e. projects that impact the built environment and which exceeds $50,000.00) that are to be implemented within any of the public healthcare sector organizations – i.e. Princes Margaret Hospital, Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre, Grand Bahama Health Services, Department of Public Health and Ministry of Health – utilize the services of the Capital Development Unit although inputs are required from other Ministries or agencies for processing; namely, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Works, Department of Town Planning, and Utility Corporations (Water & Sewerage, BEC, Cable Bahamas & BTC).

Capital projects begin as a Project Charter that incorporates the strategic outline of a business case. The CDU works with the Institutions to develop the cost of magnitude budget for inclusion in the program business case. Approvals must be obtained from the relevant institutional Executive Management Committee, Managing Director and Board before the project can commence. A Tender Document is then developed for Board Approval before submission to potential vendors.

Contact Information
Capital Development Unit
Public Hospitals Authority
Corporate Office Building ‘A’
Third & West Terrace Centerville
P.O. Box N-8200
Nassau, Bahamas
Main Telephone:   (242) 502-3202
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Facsimile:            (242) 323-3979