Folic Acid

Drug Class: Vitamins and Minerals
Dosage Form: Injection
Strength: 5mg/ml
Indications/Special comments: For prevention and treatment of folic acid deficiency states, including megaloblastic anaemia and in anaemias of nutritional origin, pregnancy, infancy, or childhood; folic acid is being used in the diagnosis of folate deficiency.
Dosage Administration: Adult: Deficiency (prophylaxis): IV infusion, as part of total parenteral nutrition solutions, the specific amount determined by individual patients need. Deficiency (treatment): IM, IV, or deep SC: 250mcg (0.25mg) to 1mg a day until a haematologic response occurs. Diagnostic aid (folate deficiency): IM: 100 to 200mcg (0.1 to 0.2mg) a day for ten days plus low dietary folic acid and Vitamin B12. Child: See usual adult dose.