Goserelin Acetate

Drug Class: Antineoplastics and Related Agents
Dosage Form: Implant
Strength: 10.8mg
Indications/Special comments: Prostate cancer in patients who cannot tolerate orchiectomy or oestrogen therapy (palliative), with flutamide and radiation therapy in the treatment of locally confined stage T2b–T4 (stage B2–C) prostate cancer. Advanced breast cancer in peri- and postmenopausal women (palliative). Endometriosis produces thinning of the endometrium before endometrial ablation for dysfunctional uterine bleeding.
Dosage Administration: SC: Adults: 3.6mg every 4 wk or 10.8mg every 12 wk. Endometrial thinning: 1 or 2 depots given 4 wk apart; if 1 depot used, surgery is performed at 4 wk; if 2 depots used, surgery is performed 2 – 4 wk after 2nd depot.