Executive Managers

Ms. Aubynette P. Rolle

Managing Director
Responsible for the day-to-day administration of the affairs of the Authority and the provision of technical advice and guidance in matters of policy.

Dr. Keva Thompson & Mr. Kele Isaacs

Deputy Managing Directors
Works in collaboration with the Managing Director in planning and establishing policies and objectives of the PHA in accordance with Board directives and organizational bye laws and regulations

Dr. Paul Ward

Medical Advisor
Principal advisor to the Managing Director on health, medical and environmental matters. Responsibilities for Medical personnel to be collaborative as opposed to line authority

Mr. Daniel Knowles

Director of Finance
Principal advisor to the Managing Director on financial matters and responsible for the development of the Financial Management System of the PHA

Mr. Charles McPhee

Director of Internal Audit
Develop comprehensive audit programs and conduct audits of assigned functional areas in the PHA

Ms. Melisa Wright

Legal Advisor
Management of legal affairs with respect to the legal details that define the PHA, the rights of patients and employees, and the rules of operation for public hospitals within The Bahamas

Ms. Giah Smith

Deputy Director of Projects
Provide corporate leadership for the organization’s planning function and to develop and gain commitment for integrated health care strategies and plans which meet the needs of internal as well as external customers of the government’s health care system.

Mrs. Anne Smith

Director of Human Resources
Responsible for the general direction and coordination of personnel management functions, including employee labour relations which are supportive of a productive workforce

Dr. Anthone Ward

Director of Shared Services
Provide corporate coordination and leadership to Materials Management Directorate and Bahamas National Drug Agency; coordination of projects through the Capital Development Unit

Ms. Ismae Whyms

Director of Risk & Safety
Responsible for the direct oversight of all Risk and Safety Management activities within institutions of the PHA to include the development, implementation and coordination of a system-wide program designed to support quality improvement efforts and the strategic plan of the organization; provide support regarding regulatory and compliance standards, drafting, research, claims management and litigation at all levels of the Authority; liaise with Ministry of Health as necessary on Risk and Safety.

Ms. Judy Terrell M.A.

Director of Communications
Responsible for the Authority's internal and external communications and is principally involved with strategic communications planning and messaging, setting and maintaining industry standards for communications, enhancing the PHA Brand and realizing maximum productivity and efficiency.

Dr. Alvery Hanna

Director of National Emergency Medical Services
Manage hospital based and airport emergency medical services; integrated E-919 emergency dispatch system for fire, police and ambulance; coordinate Family Island First Responder Programme

Mr. Dominic B. Williams

Director of Supplies Management Agency
Serve all public sector hospitals, community clinics and public health programmes with respect to the procurement, warehousing and distribution of medical / surgical supplies and other related equipment and materials

Mrs. Lillian Black-Charlton

Nursing Advisor
Advises the Managing Director on nursing matters, deals with the Ministry of Health on nursing matters which have national implication and impacts the PHA