About PHA

The Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) was established in July 1999 by an Act of Parliament (1998) as a public corporation responsible for the management and development of the public hospital system in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. By virtue of this Act, the PHA was vested with the powers, rights, privileges and ownership, of all land, buildings, movable property and undertakings of the hospitals that were previously held by the government.

There are three (3) such institutions, namely:

  • Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH)
  • Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre (SRC); and
  • Rand Memorial Hospital (RAND)

In addition to its mandate for public hospitals, the PHA is also charged, under the delegated authority of the Minister of Health, with responsibilities for the management and development of four (4) other areas of the public sector health services system, namely:

  • National Emergency Medical Services (NEMS)
  • Bahamas National Drug Agency (BNDA)
  • Materials Management Directorate (MMD)
  • The Community Health Services in Grand Bahama, which together with the Rand Hospital encompasses the Local Health System known as the Grand Bahama Health Services (GBHS)

NEMS, BNDA and MMD form the shared services branch of the PHA. These three entities are defined as “shared services” in view of the fact that their respective mandates encompass services provided by both the Public Health Department (in New Providence and the Family Islands) and the PHA.

The Public Hospitals Authority is guided by strategic directions and goals defined by the Ministry of Health to achieve an overall national health vision for Healthy People, Effective Healthcare Delivery Systems and Efficient Operations of Services within the Bahamas. It works in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and its agencies (the Public Health Department and the Department of Environmental Health Services) to achieve targets for the public sector health services system, as identified in the National Health Services Strategic Plan.

As an independent public entity, the Public Hospitals Authority is governed by a Board of Directors, headed by a Chairman who is appointed by and directly accountable to the Minister of Health.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Authority is the Managing Director who is assisted by a senior executive committee at the corporate office located at Third & West Terraces in Centreville, New Providence.

The PHA’s Board and corporate office responsibilities include strategic planning, policy formulation, monitoring, evaluation, central level fiscal and human resources management and project/programme development and oversight.